• Blue Circle Postcrete

    £6.78 ex VAT 25kg pack
    Celtic Turf supplies Blue Circle Postcrete which is good for fencing and fast drying cement jobs. This product is ready for use and requires mixing with water setting within 5-10 minutes. Postcrete meets BES 6001 certification for responsible sourcing. The packaging is both recyclable and waterproof and allows for storage in all weather conditions. We supply this product in 25kg bags for both commercial and private customers at a competitive rate.
  • Hard Wearing Seeded Lawn Turf (per m2)

    £4.68 ex VAT per square meter
    Hard Wearing Seeded Turf is highly recommended for the Cornish Landscape being well suited and durable for the coastal areas of the county. We have supplied this product across the county to customers, landscapers and commercial clients for 17 years. This turf is an easy to lay product perfect for gardens, large areas and high end projects being durable and easy to take with our climate. Our turf is priced by Sqm with a delivery charge based on location for customers who want the product delivered.
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