First Published: July 1, 2021

CGS Contractors and Celtic Turf Seek a Net-Zero Carbon New Home

CGS Contractors and Celtic Turf are working on a net-zero carbon proposal for the companies operating faculties to relocate our business activities and grow the companies to be one of Cornwall’s leading green economy players. with a carefully planned process to allow the companies to submit an outline application and ensure that we hit environmental, social, and economic criteria embedded into the soul of the scheme.

The companies are seeking a new home to expand on the growing business, which has seen a rise of 10 employees during the COVID-19 pandemic and we have outgrown our current business facility. Our commitment is to stay in the local area St Just and Pendeen, having grown to become one of the largest employers in the community and creating active ties with community groups and local sports teams. We must achieve planning in the local area to continue support to the community groups and teams, maintaining the wider economic and social reach to the local town. After a long process, trying many different sites in West Cornwall and beyond, it was decided that Leswidden is the most suitable with easy access to the main road and proximity to St Just and Pendeen.

The proposal is closely aligned to National, Local and Neighbourhood policies meeting the three pillars of sustainable development and the net-zero commitments. Whilst the development enables creation of new jobs, expansion of the existing businesses, and adoption of sustainable construction techniques. Furthermore, With Low carbon and renewable technology at the forefront of the project, it strives to be innovative and unique to the area allowing the companies to become self-sufficient in operations and low carbon in operations before eventually becoming carbon neutral.

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Following the G7 summit, Cornwall has recently made commitments to becoming a net-zero carbon county, and the proposal would be distinctive in driving west Cornwall to meet these pledges. The planning application has taken 14 months to get from inception to the submission of the application through careful community and consultee engagement with leading companies about the site use and intentions of the companies. The project manager Luke Declan McFadden has consulted with local community stakeholders to try to offer as many community benefits from the scheme as possible including electric car charging points free for use for members of the town and renewable energy opportunities. Additionally, we have already contacted some of the UK’s most innovative and world-leading low carbon material and technology suppliers with who we will be working if the application is successful to prove net-zero carbon can be achieved on such a sight. This includes, HERU (Heating Systems), GB-sol (Solar) and Durisol Block always striving to find the most appropriate technologies to include.

The application can be found as PA21/05941 if you are interested in looking at the proposal and the plans provided for the application. Furthermore, we have included some of the concept building designs within this blog and would love to hear feedback from our customers on the details of this. With Net-zero 2050 government commitments and the inevitable climate crisis, SMEs need to begin to seek new Net-zero carbon facilities! And we believe that everyone has a role to play in beating climate change.

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